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Scale Identification Ear Training

This exercise plays a scale and the user identifies the scale played. The settings allow the user to limit which scales may be played, as well as select instrument sound to be played and save scores. Before attempting this exercise, students should of course have learned the intervalic content of scales presented in the theory sequence, as well as gained proficiency in hearing steps (melodic fragments, with setting of diatonic 3) and hearing triads (interval and chord ear training with settings to triads isolating root position melodic ascending). Scales included are:

Major and Minor

• Major
• harmonic minor
• melodic minor
• natural minor


• Ionian (Maj)
• Dorian
• Phrygian
• Lydian
• Mixolydian
• Aeolian (min)
• Locrian

Synthetic Scales

• chromatic
• whole tone
• octatonic (h.w)
• diminished (w.h)
• blues
• Dorian with #4
• Mixolydian with #4