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Beat Division: Rhythmic Ear Training

This exercise plays two beats of rhythmic patterns presented melodically, that is, with pitch content to make it more memorable and resemble melodic fragments. The rhythmic patterns use quarter, eighth, and sixteenth division of the beat.

The user writes their answers on a piece of paper, (which is easier than entering buttons!) For levels 1-3, the user should write "1 e & a 2 e & a 1" representing the sixteenth note division of each beat. While listening to the fragment, the user should put a slash through each division in which a new note begins. From these slashes, the user should determine how best to beam these beats. There are certain conventions for beaming discussed in the SonicFit theory lessons, but it may be just as helpful to see the correct answers and learn how each patter is beamed. Hit the "show answer" button to see where slashes were accurately placed and the corresponding notation.

This exercise can be done long before learning about beaming. Developing the skill of slashing on the division can and should begin well before learning the proper way to notate the result. This will develop skills that will be very beneficial when taking the next steps.

Levels 4-6 are in compound duple meter in which the user should write "1 e a 2 e a 1", representing the eight division on 68 time signature. For levels 5 and 6, the user may mark between the eighths to represent sixteenth divisions.