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Bassline and Chords, Harmonic Ear Training

This exercise plays a short harmonic progression with the bass line slightly louder than the upper voices. On staff paper, users should write out the solfege of the bass line under a staff first, then write the corresponding notes on the staff. You might add the solfege for the top voice above the staff next. Finally, determine the possible choices for chords given the two notes that you already have and your understanding of chord progression what would be most expected, and write the best choice. After clicking "show answer" listen again to hear the correct answer.

This exercise should be done very quickly. If you have trouble doing it in one or two listenings, then you should go to scale degree ear training, and set the instrument to cello or piano bass and practice listening to low instruments and immediately recognizing the scale degrees played. You will also need a strong understanding of the theory of chord progressions found in the lessons.