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Melodic Dictation

This is a ear training exercise common in most aural skills pedagogies. The computer plays a melody and the user writes it down. However, SonicFit encourages the following steps for melodic dictation.

1. Write the counts for every measure before hearing it the first time.
2. Draw a slash on any count (or between counts) corresponding to the start of a new note while listening for the first time or two.
3. Next, write the solfege above any slash. To move quickly, you can just write the first letter unless it is chromatically altered.
4. When done, transcribe the short hand of slashes and solfege into standard musical notation.

Forms for these dictations can be printed under "forms" button, and will show the number of measures and an appropriate width for the measure. Levels 4, 5 and 8 contain excerpts from literature.