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SonicFit on tablets and phones - Android and Apple!

If you are having any trouble with SonicFit working on your tablet or smart phone, you can now access it through an app called Puffin Academy- FOR FREE. Older SonicFit exercises require Flash player. Flash isn't supported on android 4.2 and higher or on apple devices. While there are several ways around this problem, the easiest and cheapest solution is to use Puffin Academy, an app available in both the apple app store and google play. After opening Puffin Academy, do a search for SonicFit- open it, hit "go" and then you are at SonicFit with all content fully functional.

The standard Puffin browser app works too, and it costs $3, where Puffin Academy is free. Both render the full SonicFit experience.

In the coming months, we will be tayloring the experience of tablet and phone users, detecting the device you are on and changing the layout to best use the screen size.

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