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Dr. Jeff Morton


Dr. Jeff Morton is a composer, conductor, and music educator.  Jeff’s interest in aural pedagogy began as an undergraduate student at New College in Sarasota Florida, where he was the assistant director for the Chamber Singers and taught aural skills for the theory class.  In graduate school at the University of Illinois, Jeff continued to teach aural skills/ear training and develop his own pedagogical curriculum based on what he saw as a choral director in the land of theorist.  After 4 years of teaching high school and community college in Houston, Texas, Jeff returned to the University of Illinois to complete his doctorate and serve as supervising instructor for the fourth semester ear training classes.  Jeff has since taught at Millikin University, the San Francisco Conservatory, and Homestead High School, where he has been the choir director and theory instructor for the past 10 years.

John Pollard III

picture of Morton with Choir and Orchestra
picture of John with Band Descried



Freelance musician, programmer, and audio engineer, John Pollard has been the director of coding at SonicFit since 2007. Spending much of his youth in the practice rooms of his father's music store, John learned guitar and bass and developed a love for playing with others. He plays locally in East Texas in styles ranging from folk to heavy metal. In the words of a ReverbNation press release: ‘Powerful rock music created with passion and fire is the only way to describe the music of the band Descried. A band on a mission to ROCK your world!’ You can hear his work at or search the internet for the group ‘Descried’. His audio engineering work includes independent projects making really cool music, mastering audio for bands, as well as installing audio hardware. To hear some of his work, check out the ‘Epilogue’ on their album Snake Oil.