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Sing Back Practice

This exercise plays a short melodic passage so that the user can practice singing it back. This exercise is often used in choir auditions to test how well singers remember pitches. Such auditions also test the singer's familiarity with different types of melodic material, particularly those found in levels 3-6 described below. Practicing this material can increase your familiarty with it; however, to truly master this materal, you should also develop the skills found in melodic fragments, interval and chord ear training and close chromatic framework. The content in level 1 and 2 is primarily conjunct motion using diatonic notes. Level 3 introduces more leaps, and particularly consecutive leaps outlining triadic material. Level 4 includes leaps that do not outline a triad, focusing largely on quartal and quintal material, and level 5 and 6 include highly chromatic and atonal material, in which the notes could not possibly exist in a key without adding accidentals.

Honor Choir auditions typically test levels 2-5.